How To Get Your Deposit Back

That down payment on your new place put a dent in your finances. So there's nothing sweeter than getting the full deposit back from your old place. Here are some tips on how to get your deposit back:

  1. Clean the carpet, tile, and hardwood floors. Some leases require you to get the carpets and floors professionally cleaned before moving out. 
  2. Patch & Paint. Any holes in the wall from pictures or decorations will need to be to be patched. Also you might need to apply touch up paint to parts of the wall that have been damaged.
  3. The bathroom... EW. It's finally that time - the shower and toilet need scrubbed. Maybe you put off doing it for months or even years. But this is one time to roll up your sleeves and do a deep clean. A little bit of bleach and elbow grease goes a long way. 
  4. Don't leave furniture behind. That couch you decided to leave behind isn't going to move itself. Someone will move it and I bet your landlord will charge for the moving fee. 
  5. The stove... Yummy. Been frying bacon for 2 years? Yup that is caked on the stove top. What about the oven? Set aside an extra hour for cleaning the stove and oven.